Morphoza has designed the new offices of software solutions company NTT Data, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. NTT Data Romania, former EBS Romania, is one of the leading providers of software solutions and services in Romania. As part of its new organisational strategy, NTT Data Romania wanted to relocate its office base to better reflect its […]

The office is increasingly becoming a tool for attracting and retaining valuable employees as well as conveying company identity. But how exactly are local firms using interior design to reach these goals and what new trends are shaping up? Simona Bazavan The office environment is changing, and how it is doing so has to do […]

Businesses today need their employees to do their everyday job as well as they can, but they also want them, to be inspired, to innovate and to help the company move forward. For that, employees need a creative environment that engages and is basically more fun. To make that happen, Morphoza, the interior design firm that signed the Betfair’s office design, winner of The […]