Businesses today need their employees to do their everyday job as well as they can, but they also want them, to be inspired, to innovate and to help the company move forward. For that, employees need a creative environment that engages and is basically more fun.

To make that happen, Morphoza, the interior design firm that signed the Betfair’s office design, winner of The Most Office 2016, goes beyond the classical office design and reshapes corporate offices in flexible, collaborative and sustainable workplace, but also aesthetically attractive for the employees.

For instance, for the Betfair offices in Cluj-Napoca, the architects and interior designers from Morphoza aimed to create the perfect place where the creativity and innovation power of more than 550 employees would be constantly stimulated. The well-rounded concept of this 5,500 sqm office, The City Within The City, integrates open spaces, flexible meeting rooms, low-light relaxation and working area, standing desks, but also private spaces.

At Betfair, you will find yourself enjoying the cosy atmosphere of a library, the excitement of a Formula 1 race in one ofthe meeting rooms, a great journey from Cluj to Porto and then to Dublin, in the cocoon rooms, or the authenticity of the Romanian traditional way of living in the ‘grandma’s country house’. Through the relocation, the company wanted to create a collaborative office, with maximum transparency including for the managers. Therefore, we came out with an open-plan and flexible work-spaces where staff members work alongside managers and executives. Fewer walls and doors make management more reachable and encourage information to flow freely. Hierarchy has been erased and that makes everyone feel part of something special. People become team members instead of employees, says Diana Calfa, Managing Partner Morphoza.

One of the eye-catching parts of this office interior is the use of art in the open-space areas. The designers chose graffiti wall to suggest the friendly, modern and forward thinking brand image of the company. Beside the essential purpose of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, the wall murals stimulate the senses, make people feel good and enhance company culture or instil new corporate values. We worked with a very talented local artist, for the graffiti wall and it was our creative way to suggest to the company’s staff that their employer wants to create a really nice workplace for them, says Diana Calfa.

Featuring gaming rooms, high-tech equipments and green technologies, IT companies, in particular, use office design in order to create an unique identity from the rest of the competition.

One of them is definitely NTT Data Romania, former EBS Romania, whose offices were honored with the ‘High-Tech Award’ at The Most Office 2016 Gala.

The company wanted an office interior that is considerably different and serves to boost employees’ wellbeing and job satisfaction. Appointed to create a workspace optimized for collaboration and full inclusion, Morphoza designed it right down to the last detail, mixing recreational spaces with more formal and private spaces.

An entire floor, with a spaceship-inspired aspect, hosts the gaming equipments, allowing employees to relax between tasks. However, the most inspiring element of design is a functional robot, which was integrated in the company’s communication campaigns.

What makes a cool office? There is no universal answer to this question. But, looking at how fast the presence of Millenialls is growing and the modern technologies are advancing, it is sure that offices will be more about customized and adaptable spaces and will become part of a wider message to employees saying: We care!

Source: Business Review.