Morphoza has developed a new software development office for internet betting exchange Betfair located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Betfair Romania’s new office is located in the center of the city, at The Office building.

The main aspiration of Betfair when designing its new office was to to create a flexible, collaborative and sustainable workplace, but also aesthetically attractive for its employees – the best possible place to work for its people. This was certainly achieved when they engaged Morphoza to work with them on their new office design. The winning design concept was Betfair: The city within the city – the place where the creativity and innovation power of more than 350 employees would be constantly stimulated.

The new Betfair office provides a unique work experience to its people, making them feel proud and happy at work. Just like a city, the Betfair office is hosting open spaces, meeting points, flexible meeting rooms with teleconferencing capabilities, but also private spaces. Plenty of places to play on different games, a great looking kitchen area, many places to lounge, dynamic work spaces and focussed work areas make this office perfect for the Betfair team.

Morphoza created a neutral design, very ergonomic and professional in the operative spaces whilst for the meeting & relaxation spaces, the designers chose a more creative and surprising design. At Betfair, you will find yourself enjoying the cozy atmosphere of a library, the excitement of a Formula 1 race in one of the meeting rooms or a great journey from Cluj to Porto and then to Dublin, in the cocoon rooms.