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We are an interior design and fit-out company that creates inspiring work environments, unique retail spaces and beautiful home atmosphere.




Before being designers or architects, we like to call ourselves interior creators. For the past 10 years, we have been integrating design intelligence, we understand the essence of each project we work on and we turn it into a genuine, personal story fitted to the space and functionally and aesthetically responding to our clients’ requirements and necessities. We like to go beyond limits and tendencies and pen out original and time-resistant spaces by using materials, furniture pieces, textures and premium fittings.

How do we do it?



This is the stage when our ideas and concepts exit the realm of imagination and become tangible. According to the client’s complexity and challenges, this is the moment when we assign the project team. They will take responsibility in implementing the project within the time, budget and quality standards agreed upon with the client.

How complicated is it?



No matter if it’s about one piece or a higher volume of pieces, we think of ourselves as clients in choosing the right ones. We pay attention to details, shapes and colors, we are sensitive about design and empathetic when it comes to our clients. Our purpose was to identify projects that best suit the project interior and budget, to acquire them for the best possible price and to ensure us these would be delivered on time so that the execution terms and the smooth development of the project would not be affected.

What does it entail?

About us



Designing The Difference is the promise we started the Morphoza project with and the Putting Clients First motto is that which guides us. And besides, there is the 10+ years experience and many clients that became our friends, partners that support us and recommend us, and, beyond all, visions that tie us together.

Where we started...



We believe that people are by far a company’s most precious resource. We focused on identifying those with potential, raise them and make them accountable within the team. We succeeded with some, with others we didn’t, but we feel we created a valuable team.


We have colleagues that value teamwork, taking on responsibilities and prioritizing team goals over individual ones. And we grow together, every day.

Do you want to meet us?



We collaborate with internationally-acclaimed names and we bring into our clients’ lives those products which could only be admired in the permanent collections of the great world museums. Our portfolio has limited stock items, for clients wishing exclusive objects signed by famous designers. If this is what you want, we can say we excel at this chapter, therefore we are sure we would fulfil your requirements. Maybe even go beyond them.



We are drawn to new things and we like to be in tune with the most recent furnishing, furniture and decorations trends. We constantly change our showroom products so that you, our client, get to be informed about the news on the market.


We are waiting for you to visit us every day from 9 to 18, Monday to Friday, in a friendly place where our consultants will be close to you all through your visit and will ensure to deliver the solutions that match your wishes.

Do you want to meet us?



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